Disinfection On Demand.
Any Room. Any Size. Any Time.

Hawaiian Ultraviolet’s affordable and smart disinfection solutions bring a new look and performance to the market.

Harness The Power Of The Sun

Hawaiian Ultraviolet is dedicated to protecting our world from germs by bringing clinical-level UV disinfection to everyday spaces. Patented technology from Violet Defense™ enables us to harness the power of the sun to incorporate ultraviolet light into products and environments like never before. Hawaiian Ultraviolet has the solutions and experience you need.

Underutilized Defense

UV light has years of research in clinical settings proving its efficacy and safety for eliminating some of the most challenging pathogens in our everyday environments including MRSA, E. coli, Norovirus and C. diff. Infection control experts agree that UV is a crucial tool in the battle to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s).  This begs an important question.
If UV is so effective and safe, why isn’t it widely deployed?


Until recently the best available way to deploy UV was through a large mobile pushcart. Mobile UV carts are helping improve patient outcomes in hospitals that can afford to deploy them, but the high costs to purchase, operate, and maintain them are limiting when and where this vital tool can be deployed. High costs are keeping UV technology out of the hands of community healthcare facilities and the broader commercial market.​

Lab Tested
On Demand

The Miniaturization of UV

The miniaturization of high intensity, full spectrum UV light is a significant breakthrough for disinfection technology. Powered by Violet Defense™ technology, this patented pulsed xenon light system can disinfect any room of any size, at any time you want.

Our approach is making UV disinfection technology accessible to organizations with any size budget.​

Our Solutions

Disinfection by Design

Based on third party clinical lab results, we have the ability to provide whole room coverage of full spectrum UV with proper layout of our Helo Fixtures in the ceiling or on the wall. Disinfect an entire room with the flip of a switch or take advantage of Puro’s programming capabilities to schedule your entire facility for a disinfection overnight.

Disinfection Within Reach

The miniaturization of high intensity full spectrum UV has enabled us to deliver mobile versions of our product at price points that make sense. The Sentry Mobile series gives you the germ-killing power of pulsed xenon light at a fraction of the cost of competing mobile UV solutions.