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Hawaiian Ultraviolet provides a high-quality line of patented products, powered by Violet Defense™ technology, that will meet your need for safe, effective, germ killing in your everyday spaces. Our products combine full spectrum UV light with motion sensor technology to kill bacteria and viruses whenever and wherever you need. 


Whether you operate a hospital, surgical center, clinic, urgent care or any other medical facility, reducing HAIs is a top priority. Improve patient outcomes and save your operation valuable time and money with the benefit of full spectrum UV fixtures installed in clinical and operations spaces to disinfect on demand as often as needed.

Nursing Homes

Elderly patients are at a higher risk for contracting MRSA due to a history of taking antibiotics, in combination with a weakened immune system. Trips to the hospital or stays in long term care facilities can result in contracting MRSA. It can also spread to nurses, other residents or visitors before they show any signs of the infection. Keep your residents healthy and well using Helo fixtures and Sentry mobile units in your facilities.


Our most important assets are in our classrooms everyday. From students to teachers to administration staff, keeping schools running smoothly and clean is a top priority for all. Helo fixtures and Sentry Mobile units can help stop Norovirus outbreaks from spreading on high touch surfaces.

Additionally, Hawaiian Ultraviolet’s full spectrum UV fixtures allow you to reduce the use of harmful chemical sprays, which have been shown to increase the risk of respiratory illnesses such as asthma. When student illness rates decrease, parents, teachers and students get to spend more time on what matters most.

Cruise Ships

Norovirus outbreaks and other infections have been problematic for customers and cruise lines when they occur. These outbreaks ruin vacations and cause financial and brand damage to the carrier. Helo fixtures, in conjunction with Sentry mobile units and appropriate cleaning can significantly reduce the spread of highly infectious pathogens on large ships.

Food Service

Protect your customers and your hard earned reputation from foodborne illnesses with Puro’s full spectrum UV fixtures. The CDC estimates 48 million Americans get sick, 125,000 are hospitalized and over 3,000 people die of foodborne illnesses each year. Helo fixtures are proven by an FDA certified lab to kill E. coli and salmonella without the use of chemicals. Disinfect the surfaces, air and equipment in your prep area to eliminate environmental pathogens and keep your customers and staff healthy.


Greet your guests with the confidence that your accommodations are free of any harmful germs. Nothing helps your guests relax more than coming into a clean, healthy room. Elevate your customer experience with Helo fixtures and Sentry mobile units as a part of your daily housekeeping routine. Harvest the power of natural light and reduce the use of harsh industrial chemicals to keep the rooms fresh and safe.

Commercial Offices

Improve your wellness and production levels with Puro’s full spectrum UV fixtures. With the Helo Fixture line you can now disinfect all surfaces in your office, including air handlers, in a single cycle to reduce the number of viruses and harmful pathogens in the building. The EPA estimates that indoor air quality costs companies more than $50 billion each year in healthcare, absenteeism, lost production and lost revenue. Improve your bottom line and make your work place safer with Hawaiian Ultra Violet.


Organically cleaning the air and surfaces with Helo fixtures and Sentry mobile units in your childcare facility will help with the spread of infectious diseases, and also be a reason for more parents to entrust their children to your care. Easily disinfect toys, common areas and bathrooms overnight with the power of light. Differentiate your facility as one that goes the extra mile to limit the spread of germs and protect the well being of children and their caregivers.

Contact Sports

Keep your athletes healthy and safe with Hawaiian Ultraviolet’s disinfection solutions. Contact sports at all levels, whether professional, collegiate, high school or recreational are at a higher risk than other sports of transmitting harmful pathogens like MRSA and Norovirus. 

Bacteria and viruses thrive in weight rooms, locker rooms, showers and training areas.  These areas are so large that they are difficult to properly disinfect with chemical solutions or UV pushcarts.

Hawaiian Ultraviolet’s Helo and Sentry solutions give you the ability to disinfect a large area to clinical standards while your athletes rest at night.

Membership & Local Gyms

Set your athletic club apart and give your customers confidence and peace of mind that they are training in a safe and clean environment by installing Puro’s full spectrum UV fixtures into your facility. Combat the persistent issues of foot fungus, unwanted infections, and poor hygiene habits by disinfecting the equipment, showers, and air in your gym each night.

Air Handling Units

In the last few years, UV has emerged as a promising solution for mitigating bacterial and fungal growth near coils and air filters. HVAC systems and internal environments can be disinfected from microbial population growth with varying bands of ultraviolet light. UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C at high concentrations disable genetic material, preventing their reproduction and limiting growth. 

Newly developed pulsed xenon ultraviolet fixtures sold by Hawaiian Ultraviolet produce broad-spectrum UV light at high-intensity concentrations. This breakthrough in UV technology is making HVAC systems more efficient, easier to maintain, and safe for building occupants, delivering long term value for the owner and operator.

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