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Deep UV Disinfection Kills 99.9% of Germs in Minutes

Thorough disinfection is now more important than ever. We provide on-site disinfection in the Portland, Oregon area. Our professional technicians will arrive and rapidly sterilize your home, office, store, or other commercial space. Deep UV is effective at eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses both on surfaces and in the air.

We use powerful germicidal lamps that create a type of ultraviolet called UV-C. This form of UV destroys viral DNA and has been used by hospitals for years to sterilize hospital rooms. UV-C has also been scientifically proven to eliminate COVID-19. Now, discover how Deep UV Disinfection can help protect your home or business.


Complete Disinfection With Results You Can Trust

We guarantee our service and give you results you can trust. At every UV Disinfection appointment we measure the amount of UV-C applied and certify the results. Deep UV Disinfection kills bacteria and viruses. We use germicidal UV-C light with enough power to kill COVID-19.


  • Certified Results
  • Kills Airborne Germs
  • Eliminates COVID-19
  • Safe on Surfaces


Is Disinfecting With UV The Right Choice For You?

UV disinfection is a great choice to rapidly eliminate germs and create a safe environment. Unlike electrostatic spraying, UV is safe to use on all surfaces, kills airborne germs, and is more cost effective. Many people choose UV disinfection to get peace of mind when moving into their new home. We also service homes and workplaces after a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case. Reach out to us and see if disinfecting with UV is right for you.


  • New Home Purchase
  • Airbnb
  • New Tenants
  • COVID-19 Case

Pricing For UV Disinfection Service

Our goal is to make UV Disinfection affordable for everyone. We have upgraded our equipment and streamlined the process so that we can offer this service at a lower price. Pay by the square foot regardless if it’s for a home or business. Get a fast, no obligation quote to find out how much it costs to disinfect your space.

We are now offering a special incentive to help Hawaii businesses reopen: any Hawaii business that has been forced to shut down due to COVID-19, and is now reopening its doors, take an additional 10% off UV Disinfection. Contact us below to request UV Disinfection on-site at your home, store, office, retail shop, boutique, restaurant and more.

Is Your Business Reopening to the Public?

Hawaiian Ultraviolet is here to help Hawaii businesses safely reopen to the public. If you are a reopening business in the Maui, Hawaii area then take 10% off the cost of UV Disinfection. Give your employees and your customers confidence that your business is safe and clean. Hawaiian Ultraviolet’s Deep UV Disinfection Treatment can help your business open its doors in a safe and sustainable way.

Deep UV Disinfection is the Perfect Solution For:

  • Homes and Residences
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Hair Salons
  • Stores and Boutiques

“Studies performed by independent laboratories and healthcare facilities show that UVC light disinfection systems are highly effective. Studies show they are greater than 99.9 percent effective at killing deadly and dangerous pathogens.”

Cleaning with Ultraviolet Light

Hawaiian Ultraviolet is fortunate to be able to offer this advanced cleaning option as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the outbreak of COVID-19 reached us here in Hawaii we realized that more aggressive means of disinfection and sanitation were necessary. We began by disinfecting high-touch areas with liberal application of standard cleaning solutions. Then, we started offering the use of EPA approved cleaning chemicals that are effective against the novel coronavirus. Still, this wasn’t enough for everyone.

During a global pandemic we wanted to provide a better option. Knowing that UV light disinfection has been used in hospital settings for decades, we wondered if this technology would apply to homes and businesses. The data is compelling: UVC light kills over 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens. Combined with conventional cleaning the disinfection rates improve further – lifting and moving objects lets us clean under and around areas that UVC light doesn’t reach. We now had found a way to bring hospital-grade sanitation to homes and businesses.

How UV Light Disinfects

It’s estimated that conventional cleaning methods only eliminate 50% of total germs! That’s why hospitals have been using UV disinfection technology for decades. The germicidal capability of UVC light is over 99.9% effective at eliminating pathogens. UVC is especially important for getting rid of airborne germs.

UV light disinfection provides hospital-grade sanitation in a number of different settings. The technology is being used worldwide to fight the spread of COVID-19. Applications include: homes, businesses, airplanes, buses, hospitals, ambulances, and more! The best part: UV disinfection doesn’t leave behind any chemicals, residues, and doesn’t damage objects.

Ultraviolet Light

With the correct application of a specific type of ultraviolet light called UVC we provide the same level of disinfection that hospitals use to sterilize rooms. UVC has powerful germicidal capabilities to help keep you and your family safe.

Eliminate Germs

UV disinfection has been shown to effectively eliminate previous strains of human coronavirus. Ultraviolet disinfection works by damaging the genetic material inside of viruses and other pathogens. This safely eliminates germs on surfaces and in the air.

Reduce Your Risk

The best way to stay healthy can be to avoid increased exposure to germs. In the case of COVID-19 there is a correlation with viral load and severity of disease. Deep UV Disinfection provides a way to reduce your exposure and decrease viral load.

Uses of UVC Light:

  • Safely disinfect children’s toys
  • Sanitize phones, computers, monitors, keyboards and other electronics
  • Sanitize other valuables that can’t be cleaned with regular cleaning products
  • Eliminate airborne viruses and pathogens
  • Sanitize residences for immunocompromised individuals
  • Protect high risk people like senior citizens
  • Disinfect areas after a suspected or reported case of COVID-19

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